The whole world and entire population of this planet

The whole world and entire population of this planet – what is happening.
You’ll never find a nation satisfied with its government, one or the other part is always in
a state of turbulence; either labor or students or housewives or women in general – women’s lib
– or peace movement which is very militant. Aren’t these things happening? Peace movement is
very militant. So if you seek peace you have to become peaceful and purge all kinds of hostility
even against the hostile people. If you can do that it will exert such an influence that nobody will
remain hostile because the true nature of human form is only love and understanding and
sympathy for all forms. But as it appeared in the past that human forms are there as the most
ferocious forms in the whole world; doesn’t it appear like that?
You’ll find that as if we are waking up from the rhythmic slumber of material nature
unconscious of the soul and idea which maintains this orderly cosmos for eternity to eternity.
And out of that rhythmic slumber where everything becomes dumb and becomes questionable;
everybody is questionable, everything is questionable; therefore, the pursuit of knowledge in the
past is only a seeking effort. But when you find, you don’t seek anymore you begin to reveal.
So out of that rhythmic slumber life grows with a faster and disorderly rhythm and it
seems to break down the orders of rhythmic slumber of material nature. Life becomes turbulent
and out of that turbulence which becomes unbearable appears the mind, and when the mind
begins to go up it gets attached into ego; and ego provides the leverage to open the cerebrum
which works fully
materialize your own imagination and project yourself in so many human forms all like you.
As you change your feeling you see the change of feeling in the world; as you change
your vision. But which way you will change your feelings and vision to the way of relaxation of
tension and transformation of hatred into love? And you can do it consciously – being more and
happier every day and better every day, or you can be forced to do it because you won’t find
anybody who is ready to fight with you; nobody will accept your challenge.
So you can change first consciously and become one of the army for the transformation
of hatred. You can come across, if you change yourself, then you can come across some hostile
form and you know how to avoid it without fighting with him. Why fight back?
Now suppose you become a lovable person of divine feeling then you will see hostile
people around you, but, surely, since you have become divine you will definitely find your
associates who are already transformed. And they will help you to become that if you sometimes
get into this nature of yesterday, hostility; they won’t be hostile, they will be patient and loving
till you overcome your hostility.
“What do you think is the next step in human evolution?”
Relaxation of tension, removal of ignorance, transformation of hatred into love, turning
enemies into friends and living harmonious existence, and various kinds of lifestyles, but no life
style imposes itself on other kind of lifestyle which begins a war. But everybody is free to find
the lifestyle he or she lives without trying to impose their lifestyles on another group of lifestyle
because, unless the world becomes tasteless, there must be various kinds of lifestyles. But there
need not be any kin

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