The Holographic Universe: Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion?

The Holographic Universe: Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion? Article By Katherine Noyes TechNewsWorld 07/06/11 5:00 AM PT Drawing upon the Holographic Principle, the premise behind the Fermilab project is that space is two dimensional, and that the third dimension is inextricably linked with time. If that’s the case, our 3D world is merely an approximate illusion. Assuming that’s true, the illusion is likely imperfect and blurry, just as photographs and videos are, especially when viewed on a granular level. It’s difficult enough for most humans to grasp the idea that our planet is just one of countless others in our galaxy — and a pretty small one, at that. Then, of course, there’s the concept that our galaxy is just one of billions of others in the universe — sure to compound any confusion considerably. It seems safe to say, however, that neither of those notions can compete on the mind-bending scale, so to speak, with an idea that’s currently being investigated at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab. Ready for a hurting brain? Here goes: Fermilab is working on a device to test the theory that our whole universe is simply a hologram.

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